Sexy guys showing off their abs; pretty day on the island ….

abs #5Hi, friends and readers:

Young guys can be so vain about their rippling abdominal muscles. But hey: if you got ’em, why not flaunt ’em? I like the photo to the left. What a messy bedroom. And notice the bottle of skin lotion on the nightstand? I wonder what he uses that for? Any guesses, friends?

I’m afraid last night’s dinner party got a little out of hand in the drinking department, at least for me. I woke this morning with a hangover that continues to plague me as I write these words. When will I learn?

abs #4It’s a beautiful day, here on the island. The sun is shining and the temperature will soon reach 80 degrees F.  The wind has died down, and crowds are thronging the beach down the street from my house.

In a few minutes, I’ll take a walk for a little exercise. It’s just too nice to stay indoors today. I hope it’s equally nice wherever you are. Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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