Hot guys in a-shirts; beautiful day on the island ….

a-shirtHi, friends and readers:

If a guy’s built right, nothing will flatter his upper body more than a tight-fitting a-shirt. An a-shirt shows off his shoulder and arm muscles, his armpit hair, and his ripply abdominal muscles. It leaves little to the imagination. I think both guys in today’s photo posts look great in their a-shirts. Don’t you? Which guy do you like best?

Okay, I like the guy to the left the best, but that’s just my taste. Let me hear what you think.

It’s a perfect day on my little island: sunny, low humidity, no wind, and a temperature around 72 degrees F. I’ll take a three-mile walk after lunch, along the Gulf shore. The beach is sure to be packed with Spring Breakers, so the sights will be no less than stellar.

a-shirt #2Okay here my second a-shirt offering. He’s pretty cute, isn’t he? He looks a bit more wholesome than the guy up top, but he also looks like he’d be a handful in bed.

If you follow this site, then you know I attended a PGA tournament yesterday, my first ever. It was interesting. These guys were so accurate, it was unbelievable. I saw guys sink forty foot putts like they could do it in their sleep. I saw several famous golfers, including a young Japanese golfer named Ishikawa, who was mighty cute. His caddie was even cuter, and I found myself wondering if maybe they’re romantically involved. Hmmmm.

Several groups of Asian boys attended to tournament, cute guys in fashionable sunglasses and expensive golf apparel. Several Asian men were tournament competitors, so I guess the boys were there to see them, I don’t know. But the cuteness factor yesterday was optimal.

Okay, everyone, wherever you may be, I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday.

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