More guys on Spring Break; vanilla day for Martin ….

Spring Break #15Hi, friends and readers:

As promised, here are two more photos of guys enjoying their Spring Break. Don’t they look great in their sunglasses?

Sadly, one didn’t need sunglasses on my island today. The skies stayed cloudy, all day long, and rain kept sprinkling down. My day wasn’t much. I had planned to visit the YMCA, but fatigue from my head cold keep me from leaving the house. I just don’t have any energy. I’ve already scheduled an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. Maybe he can diagnose my problem, ’cause I’m sure tired of being sick.

Spring Break #2I didn’t do much exciting today. I read a chunk of Updike’s Rabbit at Rest. I did a few crossword puzzles, and I read the newspaper. Yesterday, I re-strung my acoustic guitar, so today I played it a while; it sounds great with the new strings. But I feel like I pretty much wasted the day away.

Tonight, I’ll take it easy, maybe watch a movie. I’ve done enough reading for the day; my eyes are glazing over, so I’ll do something less taxing on my brain this evening. Wherever you are, I hope you’ll have a pleasant Monday night.

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