Guys in blue boardshorts; perfect weather for the Breakers today ….

blue boardshortsHi, friends and readers:

Ever notice how well a pair of blue boardshorts flatters a young man’s physique? Especially if he’s not wearing a shirt. I don’t know which guy in tonight’s photo posts I like better. They’re both pretty hot, aren’t they?

It’s been a pretty sedentary day for me. I felt a little better today, but my doctor’s office had to cancel my appointment this afternoon, a disappointment for certain. But I managed to shop at the supermarket. Then I took a two-mile walk on the beach.

The beach was mobbed with Spring Breakers and other winter visitors. The temperature was around 78 degrees F, and a nice breeze blew. Sunshine sparkled on the waves, and it was all-around perfect beach weather. I passed so many hot guys; they are everywhere, right now.

boardshorts #5I checked my sales reports at Amazon’s publishing site this morning. Both my new new anthologies, I’m Bi Myself and Gay Men with Kinks are selling well, which is gratifying. I worked hard on both books, to make them entertaining and … stimulating.

It’ll be another quiet night on the island for me. I picked up a fresh flounder filet at the supermarket. I’ll team the fish with a fresh fruit salad and maybe a potato. It makes for a healthy meal, and tasty, too.

Look, I want to thank everyone who’s written me in recent weeks about this never-ending cold I’m suffering through. Trust me, I’m in good health, and I will get through this soon enough. I think my doctor’s calling in a prescription for me before he leaves his office today, and that should help tremendously.

All right, everyone, I have a little work in the writing department to take care of, so I will wish everyone a pleasant Tuesday evening. I hope the sun is shining, wherever you are.

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