Spring Breakers in black and white; another quiet day for Martin ….

Spring Break #11Hi, friends and readers:

I know some people don’t like black and white photography, but I do. B & W makes a viewer focus more on the subject of a photo, I believe. So, I’m posting three B & W pictures of Spring Breakers this evening. I think all three guys are pretty hot, don’t you?

A bunch of people wrote me today, about the comment I posted from Zach, the Spring Breaker who’s in Daytona Beach this week. No, guys, I’m not giving out Zach’s e-mail address; it’s against my policy. And besides, he already has a bud to have sex with. Leave Zach to his own devices.

It’s been another day of recovery for me. I swallowed the first of my pills from my “Z-pack” this morning, and hopefully they are furiously killing whatever bug has invaded my body. I spent the day reading, mostly, and getting a few things done around the house.

Spring Break #19Outside, this evening, it’s drizzling rain. The sky’s been overcast all day, so I guess the Spring Breakers had to entertain themselves indoors. What do you suppose they do in those hotel rooms?

I’ll spend my evening at home, recuperating and listening to vinyl o this fabulous turntable my boyfriend gave me for Valentine’s Day. I have all this vinyl from the 1960’s and 1970’s that I’ve treated well, so it sounds greatI’ve always been a Rolling Stones fan; they’re playing as I write these words, the song is Sympathy for the Devil from Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out, one of their best albums, and all live music.

If you have never seen the documentary, Gimme Shelter, you should. It chronicles the Stones’ 1969 concert tour in the United States, which culminated in the disastrous free concert at Altamont Speedway, near San Francisco, where the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang, hired by the Stones for security, actually killed a concertgoer who they thought got “out of line.” The whole thing’s a bit nutty, the drugs and nakedness, but that was the late 1960’s, a wild time for those of us with a sense of adventure and a love for music.You can watch a clip from the film here:

stoliOne more thing: I came across a YouTube file where you can watch a wonderful film titled The Cure, starring the late Brad Renfro. The film was made in the mid-1990’s, when HIV infection meant a death sentence. The Cure is a wonderful story about building a friendship in the face of adversity and intolerance.

If you don’t know who Brad Renfro was, let me clue you in. He began film acting at a very early age. He was a beautiful young man, with a gift for acting. He made several films, but he died at a very young age, I believe from a drug overdose. Drugs seemed to be a problem in Brad’s life; he kept getting into scrapes with the law. It was all so sad.

Anyway, I think you’d enjoy watching The Cure some night. Brad Renfro did a great job in the film, especially considering how young he was at the time. Fair warning: the movie might even make you cry. Here’s the link:

Jeez, the rain’s really picking up outside. I guess we’re in for a very wet night. Oh, well, we can’t expect perfect weather in coastal Florida all the time, can we?

Okay, friends, I’m headed to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I have another flounder filet to bake. I’ll team it with couscous and a fruit salad. That’s sounds both healthy and tasty, doesn’t it?

Have a nice Wednesday night, wherever you are.

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