A sexy comment from a guy who loves skater boy stinks. Thanks, Tim.

skater helmetHi, friends and readers:

This morning I received a comment from a reader named Tim, age eighteen. He’d just finished reading my free fiction offering, Carter DuBose, a story of love between two teenage skateboarders. Here’s what Tim had to say:

“I found your blog today and started reading this story first and I just wanna say it’s amazing! I simply loved it! The mix of romance and sex and an actual good plot is just perfect.

skater pic #3“And also I have to admit that skater boys drive me crazy! And these two are just so hot and cute it’s unbelievable. Plus the fact they don’t shower often and often stink made me as horny as possible!

“I’m 18 years old and even though I’m not a skater I have the same hygiene as they do! The thought of Douglas’ cock, crotch and pit stinks made my dick hard as a rock and it precum like crazy! I find unclean guys like these two so fucking hot! I’m the same as Douglas actually. I always stink and specially in those three areas! It’s so hot and boyish plus I’m a lazy dude who just doesn’t wanna get up and shower everyday. I wank daily and just cum in my sheets and sweat a lot so you must guess the boyish smell of my bed. And I love it!

skater pic #5“So yeah I know I’m weird and even weirder for telling but your story about these dirty guys who stink and actually enjoy it in a sexual way made me had to share and I don’t know I guess I just wanna say thank you for this fucking hot and cute story! I’m so fucking horny right now by the way I think I’m gonna have to wank this unshaved, uncut, uncleaned, stinky, teen cock for a while till I shoot my load on my smelly and dirty boy sheets! ;)B======D~~~~~~~~~~”

Wow, thanks, Tim, for writing. I’m glad you liked the story. Your comment, honestly, has me boned. Mind if I ask where you live?

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