More Spring Breakers at the beach; beautiful morning on the island ….

Spring Break #22Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the photo to the left. Honestly, that looks just like the beach that is one hundred yards from my front door — the sand, and the greenish Gulf water. I wonder if the photo was taken here? More importantly, I wonder if the young man in the photo is somewhere near here. If so, I certainly would like to meet him. Wouldn’t you?

I slept in late today. My poor body’s so weary from my illness, and now from the antibiotic barrage I’m administering. But I am feeling better, and that’s the good news.

Spring Break #1Outside, it’s a beautiful day: sunny, about 75 degrees, with a light breeze and low humidity. Perfect beach weather. Perhaps later on I’ll take a stroll on the shore line. Maybe I’ll see one of these guys whose photo appear in this post.

See the guy to the left, here? I’m not crazy about his haircut, but I like his denim shorts rolled at the hems, and he certainly is built well. If I see him at the beach later on, maybe I’ll invite him to my place for a beer, and we can talk about that haircut.

Okay, everyone, have a nice Thursday. My boyfriend’s coming to town for a four-night visit, and I have much to do.

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