What do Spring Breakers do when they’re not at the beach?

boyfriends in bedHi, friends and readers:

Someone yesterday asked me, “What do all these Spring Breakers on your island do when they’re not at the beach?”

Well, I think the little video clip I’ve posted here offers one answer. If your Breaker bud is passed out drunk in his briefs, you can take advantage of the situation by taking matters into your own hands, so to speak. He’ll never know about it, any way.

Here’s a second video clip, with a similar theme. Those boys look like they’re having fun, now don’t they? Hotel rooms are so sexy ….

buttfuckI just drove to the booze market and the supermarket, here on the island. The traffic was insane. Tourists are so distracted by all the sights to see around here that they don’t pay attention to what’s happening in the road in front of them. It’s maddening. But now my fridge is fully stocked, and so is the wine supply, and soon my lovely boyfriend will arrive from Gainesville. What could be better?

All right, everyone, have a great Thursday evening.

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