A sexy blond boy on a bus; easy Monday for Martin ….

blond on busHi, friends and readers:

I have no idea where tonight’s video post came from, but I suspect it was filmed on a public bus, where I don’t know.

The mass transit system in my part of Florida totally sucks; almost nobody uses the bus system because it’s so inefficient. But whenever I stay in Berlin for a summer, I use the buses and subway system all the time; they’re great. One of the best parts of riding on the system is all the cute guys one encounters at random. Berlin’s a young city, with many hot young men who look just like the boy in tonight’s video post. Most are listening to their i-Pods while they travel; they’re completely oblivious if someone’s checking them out, which makes for a lot of fun, especially if you’ve enjoyed a few German beers beforehand.

beanie #4Ahhh, Berlin … The young man at left looks like many a youthful Berliner I’ve encountered. So many have beautiful skin and hair, and they speak English fluently. Contrary to what you may have heard, young Berliners like Americans; they’re quite welcoming, no matter what your age or sexual orientation; and they are very proud of their city. If you’ve never visited, you should. There is much to see and do, and the gay scene is huge.

My day’s been easy. After my boyfriend left for Gainesville (Sniffle ….) I took a three-mile walk, here on the island. Yeah it was windy and cool, but the sun shone, and I’m glad I went. I spent about two hours cleaning my rental apartment next door. My winter guests have left, but I have a two-week guest coming in April first. I cleaned all the surfaces, cleared out the refrigerator and cleaned it, and I mopped the bathroom and kitchen floors. I washed linens and cleaned up the patio, too. Aren’t I energetic?

I’ll watch a Netflix rental tonight. Nothing exciting, but that’s okay. Have a nice Monday night, everyone.


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