Another pair of beautiful butts; windy morning on the island ….

butt #8Hi, friends and readers:

Yesterday’s “beautiful butts” post was so popular with readers I thought’s I post another pair of photos this morning. What’s more beautiful than a young man’s firm bottom? Answer: nothing.

Last night’s Gator-watching party turned out to be a lot of fun, even though I am not particularly wild about watching basketball on TV, and not just because the Gators won. My boyfriend and I picked up enough takeout barbeque to feed everyone who came. Of course, there was plenty of beer and wine available to quench my thirst, and the company was great.

I’m up early, for a change, now that my four-week long cold has finally left my body. I’m feeling good, but I didn’t take my morning beach walk today because the damned wind is blowing 25 MPH out of the north, making it miserable to do anything outdoors. I suspect this will continue all day long.

butt #6It’s okay, about the wind. I’m visiting the YMCA with my boyfriend today, fr a workout and lap-swimming, so I don’t care how hard the wind blows. I’ve only been to the YMCA twice in the past month, due to my illness, and I really miss the exercise, especially the lap-swimming, which kind of makes my day when I do it.

Does everyone like the photo at left as much as I do. I love the way light plays on the young man’s behind. Every time I see the photo, I feel the urge to reach into the picture and pat his behind, maybe give it a squeeze, too. (I know, I’m an old lecher, but I can’t help myself.)

All right, everyone, I know Monday is not everyone’s favorite day, especially those of you who work, but try to enjoy your day, anyway.

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