Beautiful guys in black and white; thoughts on writing fiction ….

black and white beauty #4Hi, friends and readers:

Color photography is great, but I still have a place in my heart for black and white photos, I guess because they require a bit more work to be impressive. I like both photos I’ve posted here this morning, equally well. The young men are beautiful, and their facial expressions suggest all sorts of things. That’s my idea of good photography.

I slept in late this morning; I’m still a bit weak from my illness, and not 100% yet, by any means. But today I will visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming, my first visit there in about two weeks. I know I’ll feel better after I exercise.

A month ago, I finished the first draft of my new novel. The book chronicles the life of a gay college student in the mid-1970’s. The setting is Tallahassee, Florida. As I always do, I let the book sit untended for a month. Now it’s time to return to the manuscript for revisions.

black and white beauty #3Now, some writers hate revisions, but not me. In fact, I think the revisions process is more fascinating than creation of the first draft. Once I have let a story sit for a month, I return to it with a fresh set of eyes. I see the flaws, recognize the imbalances. Sometimes, during revisions, I’ll eliminate characters or I’ll expand their presence in the story. Sometimes, I’ll change the outcome of the story entirely.

In every book I’ve written, the story is altered dramatically during revisions; it’s the way my creative process works. Yesterday, I began revisions on my new novel. I love the story and its characters, but I know I can make them better with a critical eye. The revision process will likely take two or three months, so I’ll be a busy boy this spring. In the end, my book will shine, and then I can market the story to a publishing house. It took me six months to write the first draft, so the entire process will take about a year. See what fun fiction writing is?

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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