Another pair of “lover boys” photos; beautiful day on the island ….

lover boys #5Hi, friends and readers:

I love seeing young gay men getting openly affectionate in public. Why shouldn’t we hold hands like straight couples do? Good for the boys in the photo to the left. Keep it up, guys.

It’s been a beautiful day, here on the island. A friend spent the night in our guest bedroom last night. The three of us had breakfast at a Gulf front cafe down the street, a five minute walk form our house. The place has great omelets, and you eat out doors only steps from the Gulf. They even had live music this morning, a real treat.

Later on, we met friends down at our beach, to soak up a little sun. The day was perfect: sunny, about 75 degrees, with only a light breeze. Of course, the beach was packed, every parking space was taken.

lover boys #17My boyfriend’s working again tonight, so I’m on my own. I’ll visit the shore again, to watch sunset with my neighbors, and I might watch a little of the NCAA basketball Final Four tournament while I dine on leftovers. Doesn’t sound like a bad evening, does it?

Of course, I’d rather my boyfriend were here, but that’s life. If you’re with your boyfriend today, be sure to give him a smooch. It’s important.

Have a nice Saturday night, friends, wherever you might be.

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