Sexy surfers; cool morning on the island ….

surfer-wetsuitHi, friends and readers:

If you follow this site then you know I surf on Florida’s east coast, from time to time. I don’t surf well, I’m an old guy and surfing is basically a young man’s sport, but I still enjoy getting out there to ride a few waves.

Surfing is physically demanding; it tones a guy’s body like no other sport, especially his arm and shoulder muscles. Dedicated surfers develop beautiful bodies that look amazing when wet. So, I am sharing a pair of “beautiful surfer” photos with you today.

I’m up early, as I have a day laborer coming over to level patio bricks that have been disrupted by tree roots. It’s a tough, nasty job, but this kid’s a hard worker and I pay well.

surfer #6Last night sort of ended in a blur. Friends called. They came over with beer and cigars. Next thing I knew, I was in bed, and they were partying with my boyfriend. Now they are sleeping off their hangovers, and I’m wide awake. Life’s strange, isn’t it?

It’s a beautiful day outside: sunny, dry, and cool, about 70 degrees F, which is perfect weather for outdoor activities. I may do some yard work today, while my laborer is here. It’s all good. Have a nice Saturday, friend.

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