Beautiful guys asleep; pretty day on the island ….

asleep #21Hi, friends and readers:

I like photos of guys fast asleep; the guys always look so vulnerable and unguarded when they snooze. Hmmm, I think the young man to the left is dreaming of romance. I wonder who he’s dreaming of?

I took a three-mile walk on the beach this morning, and what a beautiful experience it was. The sun was rising over the Intracoastal Waterway, and a light breeze blew. Seabirds were everywhere: gulls, pelicans, sandpipers and sandwich terns. I’m 90% recovered from my illness, thanks to the help of antibiotics, and I feel great, for the first time in six weeks.

asleep #3Here’s another guy fast asleep in his birthday suit. What do you think he’s dreaming of? Why isn’t he under the covers? Did he pass out after drinking too much? Did someone undress him?

The photo offers more questions than answers, which is why I like it.

Today is “house-cleaning day” at our home. Right after lunch, we’ll get to work cleaning the bathroom, the kitchen, bedroom, and everything else. We’ll launder the bed linens and the bathroom rugs, and then we’ll mop our oaks floors so they shine. Okay it’s not a lot of fun, but the house will look better once the work is done.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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