Internet server problems. No, I am not dead ….

bdsm #10Hi, friends and readers:

Yes, I am alive. And no, my website has not been “murdered.” It seems the Internet company who provides me with their server and Internet connection was doing maintenance work on their system. Thus, my website went down for about 36 hours, making it impossible for readers to access the site, and also gagging me from posting.

Grrrrrr …..

bdsm #4Okay, I am back, and hopefully these glitches are a thing of the past. I feel like I just served 36 hours in cyber-jail as a helpless prisoner.

I planned to take a walk on the beach this morning–it’s a part of my exercise routine–but outside the wind’s blowing really hard, making things unpleasant at the shore, In fact, the wind’s been blowing hard since mid-January, rendering activities like cycling and surfing rather useless. I don’t want to sound like  whiner, but I’m ready to scream something like, “Will you turn the f**king wind machine off, please?”

My boyfriend’s in Gainesville this morning. I’ll edit my new novel this morning. Then I’ll visit the YMCA for my usual workout and lap-swimming. My neighbors will gather this evening for our monthly “porch party”, which is always fun, with plenty of good food and wine.

Have a nice Friday, friends.

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