A pair of shirtless guys; peaceful night on the island ….

black hair shirtlessHi, friends and readers:

If you follow this website, then you know I like dark-haired guys; it’s my thing. But I know many of you a devotees of blond guys, so I’m giving you a taste of both this evening. I like both photos very much. In fact, I often like photos where the subject is not staring into the lens of the photographer’s camera. The technique lends an air of mystery to the photos.

blond beauty #3I am back from my trip to inland Florida, pretty much exhausted. God, the traffic in Tampa, and on I-4 was insane. When will our winter visitors go home? It can’t be soon enough. I’m sick of their kamikaze driving, and I’m sick of the congestion on our highways. Hopefully, in another week, they’ll be gone, and then I’ll only have to abide the crappy Florida drivers I deal with all year long. Believe me, we have some of the worst drivers here in the country, I don’t know why.

I’m home alone tonight. My boyfriend’s spending the evening with a boyhood friend who’s visiting us form Wisconsin. I have not met him yet, but look forward to it. We’ll have a fun Sunday, down at the beach and cooking out. Tonight, I’ll spend a quiet evening at home. I bought flounder filet at the supermarket. I’ll bake the fish with breadcrumbs, serve it with veggies and a fruit salad. A great meal ….

Have a nice Saturday night, everyone.


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