Sexy Logan Lerman photos; busy Wednesday for Martin ….

logan lerman apronHi, friends and readers:

I think Logan Lerman’s about the cutest guy in films today. He has such beautiful hair, skin and eyes, and he seems like a genuinely nice person, too. I wonder if he has a boyfriend. Does anyone know?

Anyway, I thought you’d all enjoy the two photos I’ve posted here this morning.

I know I am posting late today. After my morning beach walk (at seven AM), I got busy editing my new novel; the job took all morning, and I’ve just now finished for the day. In a few minutes, I’ll prepare lunch, something simple that won’t take long.

I have a busy afternoon ahead: a trip to the YMCA to workout and swim laps, a trip to the golf course to practice my swing, and then a visit to the wine market to stock up on vino. My poor little Element will be panting by the time I get home.

logan lerman b & w #5Speaking of cute guys, my boyfriend’s returning from Gainesville this afternoon, so he’ll be here when I get home from my running around. I always miss him when he’s gone, and I’ll enjoy having him home this evening.

A few people have written me to say they’ve experienced difficulties accessing this website, at certain times of day, over the past week or so. There’s a reason for that. My web designer/consultant, Marcelo, reports that hackers are screwing with websites using the WordPress format. The hackers may be from China. Grrrr. I can’t imagine what their motivation would be, but Marcelo is installing some security measure for me that should resolve the problems we’ve experienced of late.

Wherever you are today, I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday.

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