Naked guy in a bed. How tempting is that?

naked in the sheetsHi, friends and readers:

Did everyone have a good Friday? Are you ready for the weekend and whatever it holds in store for you?

Hmmm, just imagine coming home from work today to find the young man in this evening’s photo post, lying naked in your bed. What would you do? Offer him a drink or a snack? Ummm, no. You’d tear your clothes off and climb between the sheets with him, right? Of course I’m right.

naked in bedI had a super-nice afternoon. The YMCA wasn’t crowded and my workout went smoothly. I did really well at the driving range, and then I ran a few shopping errands to be sure I was ready for the weekend.

I’m home now, getting ready to join a few neighbors to share a bottle of wine and a little conversation, before I prepare my dinner. My boyfriend’s at work tonight, so I’m on my own, and that’s okay.

Wherever you are tonight, I hope you’ll have a fine Friday evening.

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