Sexy video clip: lover boys in black and white ….

lover boys #5Hi, friends and readers:

Ahhh, sucking face. There’s nothing quite like it, when you truly care for the man you’re with. The guys in tonight’s video clip certainly seem to like each other, don’t they? I especially like the guy on top; he has such a cute nose

It’s been an easy day for me. After lunch, I drove into the city, to buy blinds at Home Depot. (Exciting!) Then I hit balls at the golf course; I practiced pitching and putting as well. I had a nice time. The sun went behind the clouds, so conditions weren’t too warm.

My boyfriend just got home. Of course, I gave him a few smooches. After he showers, we’ll head back to town for an evening with our friends. Our host is preparing a turkey dinner; doesn’t that sound nice?

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

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