Getting naked by the window; beautiful day on the island ….

naked at a window #2Hi, friends and readers:

Does everyone like this morning’s photo posts as much as I do?

It’s no secret young men like to hang out naked when they’re home.The absence of clothing lends a special feeling of freedom from society’s rules. And sometimes it’s fun to stand or sit by a window, to watch the world go by while you’re wearing your birthday suit.

During my college and law school days, certain roommates used to parade around naked all the time, and sometimes it made for quite a show of flesh. But I have to admit, I’ve always been a little shy about walking through my home in the buff, at least when others are present. Of course, I never had the body the guy in the top photo has. He’s pretty amazing, isn’t he? I wonder what his name is and where he lives?

naked at a windowToday’s a simply perfect spring day, here on Florida’s Gulf Coast. A coll front rolled into town yesterday afternoon, bringing with it some little rain showers that got me wet at the driving range. I didn’t mind; I had a good session. Now, the temperature outside is about 76 degrees. The sun is shining and a breeze is blowing.

My boyfriend’s studying on the front porch as I write this, but soon he’ll leave for work. Me? I must visit the supermarket and the wine store.

I’m having two old and dear friends for dinner, along with their wife and/or girlfriend. I’ll prepare my signature baked pasta dish, along with a salad and garlic bread. Yummmm …. Some people don’y enjoy entertaining people in their home, but I do. Itll be a nice evening, and we’ll visit the shore before dinner to watch sunset.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.


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