A naked boy and a three-panel mirror ….

mirrorHI, friends and readers:

Most days I’ll post two photos in each morning post I put up on this site. But sometimes I’ll come across a photo I find particularly special, and I’ll let it stand by itself. I think the photo above is one of those. The young man’s beautiful, and I like the way the photographer used a three-panel mirror to let us see the young man from three different angles in one photo. I also like that “tramp stamp” just above the boy’s butt crack. Are those condoms resting on the bureau’s surface? What is this young man up to?

I’m up late this morning, as last night’s dinner party went on far later than I’d anticipated. My vegetarian pasta dish turned out great. Much wine was consumed by all present, including myself. I’m afraid I’m feeling the after-effects right now. When will I learn?

Today’s a typical Wednesday for me. I’ll spend the morning on a writing project. After lunch, I’ll visit the YMCA, and then the driving range. It’s a nice day outside: sunny and breezy, not too warm. Have a great Wednesday, my friends.

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