Sexy boys exercising; Martin’s checking out for a few days ….

pull-upHi, friends and readers:

Exercise is good for all of us, be it running, swimming, weight-lifting, or calisthenics. What’s important is that we keep active. It’s good for the body and the mind. The two young men in today’s photo post are an excellent example of just how beneficial exercise is. Look at those bodies. How’d you like to share the showers at the gym with either of them. Yummy …. I wonder what their names are and where they live?

pushupOkay, friends, you know I try to post on this website at least once a day.  But it’s time Martin spent a few days communing with nature, far from the Internet and all the other technology we take for granted in our lives.

In a few minutes, my boyfriend and I will climb into the Element, which is crammed to the gills with camping equipment, fishing tackle, clothing and other necessaries. We’ll drive to the Florida Panhandle, where we’ll spend a few days at a state park in a beautiful Gulf front island. Late April is the perfect time of year to camp in north Florida, and I know we’ll enjoy ourselves immensely.

I won’t post again until Tuesday, so I hope you can survive without me. You can always read some of my free fiction offerings appearing in the sidebar to the right. Have a nice Saturday, everyone.


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