Sexy boy at the beach; Martin’s home from the road ….

butt #3Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve just returned home from a two-night stay at St. George Island in Florida’s “Big Bend” area, a beautiful state park with white sand soft as face powder, soaring dunes, and towering longleaf pines.

My boyfriend and I camped in a tent at a very nice site in the park. The entire experience was pleasing; it felt good to be so close to coastal nature in an area entirely undeveloped. This is a place few people see when they visit Florida. In fact, most Floridians never see this part of the state.

I hadn’t been to St. George Island since I attended law school at FSU, and our visit now brought back so many memories. If you have never visited the Big Bend area, give it a try. Don’t miss Appalachicola, either. The area is the source of most oysters you’ll dine on in Florida. It’s an old and very pretty town, with Victorian architecture and massive live oaks.

sgi #2Here’s a photo of St. George Island. Isn’t it pretty?

Tonight, my boyfriend and I will attend The Black Crowes concert in St. Petersburg, at a beautiful downtown venue on Tampa Bay. The acoustics there are perfect, the seating comfortable, and the booze plentiful. Beforehand, we’ll dine at a nice Italian restaurant near the concert hall. I know, I know … it sounds like the fun never ends in Martin’s life, and in a way that’s true. But somebody has to do these sorts of things, right?

Have a nice Tuesday evening, everyone.

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