Sexy little video clip: a guy takes matters into his own hands ….

jerk offHi, friends and readers:

A young man stays horny most all the time. Often, there’s no one around to help him satisfy his needs, whatever they may be. So, he must take matters into his own hands, so to speak. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with pleasuring yourself; it’s natural and healthy, and a great stress reliever. Just be sure to close your drapes before getting into it; you never know who may watch.

green eyesSpeaking of voyeurs …. you might enjoy reading my story, Donkey Dude. It appears in my recently-released anthology, Gay Men with Kinks. Here’s the book’s blurb:

“Voyeurism, exhibitionism, BDSM, and sex in public places, are among the many kinks gay men indulge in, but they’ll rarely talk about such activities. Kink takes place furtively, in dark places, mostly with strangers. This Martin Delacroix anthology explores the world of gay kink, in four unique stories that will make your pulse race.”

Donkey Dude‘s narrator is Greg, a self-described skulker; he spies on boys and men while they are masturbating. For the longest time, Greg gets away with his nocturnal activities, until one night he’s caught by three sexy college guys he has spied upon in the past. Once he’s apprehended, Greg’s in for a long night.

It’s been raining for hours today, after a severe storm band blew into west Florida from the Gulf. Our golf lesson was cancelled, which was disappointing. My boyfriend’s going out with friends tonight. I’ll stay home and prepare a simply meal for myself. Maybe I’ll have a friend over to share a bottle of Beaujolais. Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.

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