Another sexy video clip. Who is this guy?

modelHi, friends and readers:

I don’t know who the guy in tonight’s video post is, but he certainly is beautiful. How come he doesn’t live next door to me? I love that flirtatious expression n his face. Yummy ….

I’m posting late tonight, the result of a very long afternoon spent at the golf course. We played a full round–it took four hours–and then we took a lesson from our golf guru, Jeff. Rain fell during the lesson, but we didn’t mind. Jeff always helps our game, plus he is a genuinely nice guy. This was a putting lesson, and I needed it badly. My long game’s fine now, and my fairway play is decent. But my putting sucks. I’ll work on it in the weeks ahead.

Okay, I’m cutting this post short, as we’re about to dine on fresh sole fillets, baked potatoes, and a fresh fruit salad. Again . . . . yummy. Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

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