Harry Styles loses his pants ….

harry losing pantsHi, friends and readers:

I don’t follow pop music; I’ve never heard One Direction’s music, but the boys in the band sure are cute, especially Harry Styles, who appears at left.

Now, I ask you, who could ask for a better job than the guy who appears in the background? Night after night, he gets to pull Harry’s pants off. Hell, I’d do that job for no pay, wouldn’t you?

It’s been a relaxing evening for us. Our fish dinner turned out beautifully, and then we spent some quiet time, just working a difficult crossword puzzle while sipping a little Savignon blanc. Now, my boyfriend’s watching hockey (Not my thing.) and I’m making this late-night post.

I’m pretty tired right now, so I’ about to call it a night. Wherever you are, I hope you’ve had a wonderful Thursday. Tomorrow, we’ll help with set-up for our little island’s annual music festival. Sleep tight, friends.

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