Hotties and their phone cams; it’s music festival weekend on the island ….

camera #7Hi, friends and readers:

Most “I-took-this-picture-of-myself-in-the bathroom” photos don’t impress me, but occasionally I’ll come across one or two I feel are worth sharing. Yeah, the photographic quality is poor, but the guys in today’s photo posts are, to me, very sexy in their own peculiar way. The both have that “guy next door” look to them, don’t they?

Every year, our island’s community association sponsors a two-day music festival. One night’s rock and blues or maybe jazz. The second night’s classical, with a full orchestra. If the weather’s good, several thousand people will attend. There is food, beer and wine for sale at reasonable prices, and the concerts are free. It’s always fun, and every year my boyfriend and I volunteer to help put up signs. It’s fun working with our neighbors, and the proceeds of the event go to a good cause.

camera #3I’m up super early because I went to bed at eleven last night. Right now, the sun’s not even up yet. But in about a half-hour, I will take a three-mile walk on the beach. Conditions should be nice down there, albeit damp. I always regret it when I miss my morning walk, but his week I have been so busy with camping, golfing, and writing, that I haven’t walked many mornings, and that’s not good. My morning walks help “center” me for the day’s activities, especially my writing project of the day.

When I retrieved the newspaper a few minutes ago, the skies looked cloudy, and it seemed rain had fallen during the night. I sure hope things clear up for the festival tonight and tomorrow. Last year we had severe thunderstorms Saturday night that ruined the entire evening, not a good thing.

Okay, everyone, I have much to do, so I will close this post by wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, wherever you might be.



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