Guys stretching out; another festival day on the island ….

on the bed #2Hi, friends and readers:

It’s the weekend, a perfect time to shed some clothing and stretch out for a relaxing moment, either indoors or outside, it doesn’t matter. The guys in today’s photo posts seem very relaxed. In fact, I think the young man stretched out on his deck may be napping. I really like that photo, by the way. I like the rain-slicked deck, and blossoms scattered about it, and the waxy green shrubs in the background. I’m guessing the photo was taken either in Hawaii or South Florida. Does anyone know?

on the deckToday is the second day of our island’s music festival. Last night’s jazz/rock concert was fun, and a good-sized crowd showed to listen to music, drink and eat. I certainly wasn’t sober by evening’s end, but then I only had to walk five blocks to get home. Perfect ….

Tonight a full orchestra will perform classical numbers on the tented stage. Right now, the weather’s a bit sketchy. A steady breeze blows off the Gulf and rain clouds keep skating across the island, sprinkling us with a bit of rain. Hopefully, things will settle down  a few hours from now, when the concert’s due to begin.

Have a nice Saturday night, friends.

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