Lover boys in black and white; windy times on the island ….

lover boys black and white #2Hi, friends and readers:

I love photos of two guys showing affection to each other, and I am also a big fan of quality black and white photography. So I thought I would share two of my favorites in this genre with you. Aren’t they great?

Okay, I know I didn’t post yesterday, and for a good reason. Saturday night, a post-music festival party was held, literally, in my front yard. About forty festival volunteers attended, and the party went late.

Then, yesterday, my boyfriend’s co-workers came to our home to spend a day at the beach. Things started around noon and by six PM, I was tired from too much beer, and too much sunshine. I’m afraid I went to bed very early, so I never had time to post. How’s that for an excuse? I think I’m going to take it easy the next few days ….

lover boys black and white #4I rose pretty early this morning, to take my three-mile walk on the beach. A strong wind is blowing from the northwest, making things less than pleasant down at the shore, but I did my three miles and now I’m enjoying breakfast as I write this.

I’m not a fan of wind, and this year, the wind has been blowing almost every day, since mid-January. Many of my favorite outdoor activities are hampered or made unpleasant by wind, surfing, cycling, and playing golf among them.The newspaper says tomorrow the wind will gust to 25 MPH, all day. Will this wind ever stop?

Okay, I’ll stop griping and get to work on my book. Have a nice Monday, everyone.


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