Hot guys and cool pools; busy day ahead for Martin ….

swimming pool #2Hi, friends and readers:

The first week of May is now behind us, and in west central Florida that means its time to enjoy a cool dip in the swimming pool.

I know, if you live in Chicago or Seattle, the idea of swimming in a pool right now seems a but nutty, but here in Florida, our temperatures will soon hit ninety during the day, so a swimming pool is welcome relief from the heat. Plus, you never know when you’ll encounter a handsome young man, lounging pool side, wearing little other than a pair of boardshorts.

swimming pool #4I took my usual three-mile beach walk, early this morning. Then I got to work on editing my Young adult novel. These are painstaking, page-by-page edits aimed at catching any punctuation or grammatical errors. When you are dealing with a 45,000-word book, there are many chances for little errors that may escape the writer’s and/or editor’s eyes, and there’s nothing worse than seeing the errors after the book goes to print.

Now, I’m done editing for the day. After I share lunch with my boyfriend, I’ll visit the city for a dental appointment. (Oh, boy.) I’ll visit the driving range to hit balls, and then head home. I’m hosting an old friend for dinner tonight; we’ll visit the shore to watch sunset before we dine. So, I have a busy day ahead of me, and now I must prepare lunch.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone. And if you live in Florida or Arizona, it’s time to hit the pool.

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