Boys with sexy lips and eyebrows. Quiet Saturday on the island ….

lipsHi, friends and readers:

Did you know a guy’s eyebrows and lips shrink with age? It’s a sad fact. If you pay attention to the young men you encounter during your day, you’ll notice how beautiful their lips and eyebrows are, like the two young men in today’s photo posts. Who could resist kissing either guy? Not me, that’s for sure …..

I slept in late this morning, so I eschewed my morning walk on the beach. I’ll take a walk this afternoon, instead. Right now, I have much to do in the writing department, so I’ll stay inside where the air conditioner keeps things quiet and comfortable.

This is the time of year when things become quiet on our little island. The winter residents have all fled north, and kids are still in school, so we don’t have our summer tourists here yet. Traffic lessens and the stores and restaurants are not crowded. The weather’s not too hot yet, so outdoor activities are pleasant. What could be better?

lips #3My “man date” with my friend Tom went well last night. We enjoyed a nice dinner at a little Italian place not far from where I live. Then we drove into downtown St. Petersburg to attend a Florida Orchestra concert featuring the music of The Doors. The orchestra did a great job; I enjoyed myself, but the guy who sang did not do a very good job of replacing Jim Morrison.

Oh, well, some things just can’t be duplicated. It was still a nice evening, and I am glad I went.

My boyfriend’s working again tonight, but friends have invited me for dinner in the city tonight, so I won’t be lonely. My hosts are married, with a young child. I have known the husband since he was eight years old. In fact, I used to drive him to elementary school in the morning, as he lived only a block from my home at the time. He’s a very sweet guy and his wife’s a sweetheart, too. So, I’ll have a nice time, for sure.

All right, everyone, I must get busy, so I’ll wish you all a pleasant Saturday. Keep your eyes on alert for lips and eyebrows. They’re everywhere.

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