It’s Mother’s Day. How will you spend it?

mother's dayHi, friends and readers:

Gay boys and men tend to have special relationships with their moms, I guess because our moms love us despite the fact we are a bit . . . different. Okay, maybe I didn’t quarterback my high school’s football team, but I did a hell of a job performing in a lead role in The Music Man, a play chosen for my high school’s bi-annual musical show. My mom seemed awfully proud of my performance, and so did one of my best friends, Bill, who did quarterback the football team, and who did spend the night at our house frequently, during our senior year.

Bill, where are you today?

In about 45 minutes I will climb into the Element, and then I’ll drive eastward to visit my mom at the ALF where she resides. I’ll take her out to lunch and we’ll share some laughs. The drive is a total drag, 90 minutes of insane traffic, each way, with some of the worst drivers east of the Mississippi. But that’s what you do for your mom on Mother’s Day, right?

If you are lucky enough to have your mom around, be sure to do something nice for her today. You’ll be glad you did.

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