Hot guys getting naked on the bed. Why not?

naked on the bed #4Hi, friends and readers:

When a guy’s home alone, sometimes he likes to lie in bed naked, maybe reading a book or just staring out the window, watching the world go by. Or sometime’s he “takes matters into his own hands”, so to speak. It’s a nice, private way to relax on a Saturday afternoon, when no one else is around.

Do you like the photos I’ve posted here this morning as much as I do? I love the lighting and the way the models are posed. Who wouldn’t want to jump into bed with either guy?

I’ve had a busy morning. I took my three-mile beach walk not long after sunrise. After a quick breakfast, I got to work editing my new novel, tweaking various scenes to make them more vivid, and also working on certain plot twists that need improvement.

naked on the bed #2Outside, it’s a pretty nice day. After lunch, wile my boyfriend studies, I’ll do some yard work a a bit of home repair. Summer’s heat is right around the corner, so it’s best I get these things done before thing getting stinking hot. I’m also preparing my rental apartment for my summer tenant, who arrives June first. Yesterday, I hung Venetian blinds at three windows, a tricky project, but now it’s done and the blinds look great.

My boyfriend is working this evening, s I’ll be on my own. I have much to keep me busy, in the writing department, so I won’t be at a loss for something to do. I’ll prepare a simple dinner for myself, and maybe I’ll share a bottle of wine with my neighbor, too.

I experienced heavy traffic, here on this website, over the past week. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Wherever you are today, I hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday.

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