Beautiful guys in black and white; quiet Thursday on the island ….

black and white beauty #12Hi, friends and readers:

I know not everyone appreciates black and white photography, but I’m a huge fan, and I thought I’d share two of my favorites with you this morning.

Okay, the young man to the left is probably a total narcissist, but the does have an amazing body, and he’s cute as well. I’ll overlook his obnoxious attitude.

It’s a quiet morning, here on the island. May is always peaceful here because our winter visitors have left, and our summer tourists don’t begin arriving until schools let out for summer break.There is very little traffic, and the stores and restaurants are nearly empty.

black and white beauty #13What do you think of the photo to the left? The young man’s quite beautiful, of course, but I love the expression on his face, and I like his unruly hair. And look at those lips. He’s definitely boyfriend material.

I don’t have much planned for today. Some service people will be here for a while, doing work in the attic and outside, so I’m kind of stuck here. That’s okay, I have much to do in the writing department. In addition, my boyfriend and I will travel to Philadelphia tomorrow morning, to attend a weekend house party our friend throw each year. About 75 gay men will be there, and it’s always fun. I always find it difficult to pack when I travel to the northeast at this time of year. It seems this weekend the weather will be somewhat cool, with a high of about 70 degrees F, so I’d better pack a sweater and blue jeans, as the party is held outdoors.

Wherever you are, friends, I hope you’ll have a pleasant Thursday.

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