More beauty in black and white. Martin needs to pack ….

black and white beauty #14Hi, friends and readers:

How was your Friday? Was work a drag? Well, put it behind you; the weekend’s here. Being the nice guy I am, I’m posting another pair of my favorite black and whites for your viewing pleasure. The young man to the left doesn’t look too happy. Maybe he needs a smooch on those pouty lips of his? And maybe another on his freckled nose?

I kept busy today, mostly with my writing, but I also cleaned house, the bathrooms and the kitchen needed attention. I don’t wish to return to a grungy home on Sunday evening.

My boyfriend’s at work tonight, but my good friend and neighbor will share a bottle of Beaujolais with me before I have my evening meal. It’s nice here tonight, neither warm nor cool. Just, pleasant ….

black and white beauty #11Oh, yes: I still have to pack for our Philadelphia trip. One should never pack while drinking, but I’m afraid I’ve already drunk a few beers and a glass of wine. When will I learn?

If you have never visited Philly, you should. Okay, there are bad sections, but that is true of every major city. Philly has amazing architecture, dating back to the 1700’s: the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Society Hill are must-sees. The city has a huge gay population. I’ve always visited a gay club called Woody’s; I think it’s on Spruce Street (which I call “Bruce Street) and all sorts of cute Asian boys from University of Pennsylvania dance with their shirts off. Yummy ….

I’ll take my laptop on the plane with me tomorrow, and I promise I will try to post if I have a minute during the house party we’re attending. Have a great weekend, friends.

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