Hot guys, ready to party; Martin’s in Philadelphia ….

hunkHi, friends and readers:

It’s Saturday night, and young men all over the country, and the world, are getting ready to party. As the evening wears on, many will flock to the bars and clubs, in search of a buzz and a little excitement. Will you be joining them?

Me? I’m in Philadelphia, where good friends are hosting their annual spring party, with tons of booze and food, sexy men, and lively music. What could be better?

We arrived in Philly around noon yesterday. One of our hosts gave my boyfriend and I an auto tour of downtown, which is pretty amazing. We saw home dating back to the 1700’s. We saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, and many, many amazing public and corporate structures. The architecture here is simply breathtaking, nothing like Florida at all. The city’s population is very young and the city’s very green, trees are everywhere. I like this place a lot.

eyebrows guyIn about an hour guests will begin arriving, and then the fun will begin. We have spent the better part of today helping our hosts prepare for the gathering, making trips to the store for ice and supplies, getting the bars set up, putting beer and wine on ice, and making sure the house looks its best. This is a large property, about ten acres, with a stream running through it, and a pond. The trees on the property are over three hundred years old, it’s like living in a forest. I have known these guys 25 years, and they are such sweeties. Lucky me ….

Alright, everyone, put on your party clothes and head for town. It’s time to party, and have a great Saturday night. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky.

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