Swimmers in Speedos. What could be sexier? Martin’s back in Florida.

swimmer #2Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve never attended a swim meet, but I know I really should, as I find photos of young men in Speedos rather tantalizing. Don’t you? I think the young men in today’s photo posts look great in their Speedos. What is the season for competitive swimming anyway? Does anyone know?

My boyfriend and I flew home from Philadelphia today; we arrived home around three P.M., after a very smooth flight on Southwest Airlines. They’re the best air carrier, in my opinion, plus the flight was a nonstop, which makes things easy. We did a couple of crossword puzzles, to pass the time, and it seemed like we had no sooner lifted off than we touched down at Tampa Airport. Of course, it’s a bit warmer here than in Philly, but it’s always nice to get home.

swimmerWe had a great time in Philadelphia, and the house party last night was truly a blast. Nearly one hundred people attended, and the bartenders our hosts hired were uber sexy. The food was good, and the booze flowed, and I don’t think we hit the bed until well after midnight. I met some really nice people, and talked to many old friends I’d met over the years, at previous parties, and during their visits to Florida. And May is definitely the time of year to visit Pennsylvania. The weather was cool, but not at all chilly, just comfortable. Everything was green and blooming while we were there, a really pretty sight.

Okay, I must tend to things around the house, so I will wish everyone a wonderful Sunday, wherever you may be.


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