Skinny can be sexy, right? Nice night on the island ….

abs #6Hi, friends and readers:

I know many of you guys out there like men with muscle, and that’s okay. I like beef, too. But I also appreciate the beauty of slender young men, like the guys in tonight’s photo posts. A young man only has that sort of physique a few years before he starts putting on weight and muscle. Then he’ll never be willowy again. So, you have to soak up as much skinny time with him, during his “sleek” period. (I’m giving good advice here ….)

abs #9We’re home from the YMCA, the barber’s and the supermarket. And we have reason to celebrate tonight. Last week, a friend gave me a stereo received and amplifier he’d been given and could not use. It’s a nice Sony model, and my old received was over twenty-five years old. My beautiful and brilliant boyfriend did the changeover, and you would not believe the difference in the sound quality. My records and CDs come through the speakers with amazing clarity. We are both music lovers; we always have something playing on our system when we are home, so this is a great development. Right now I am listening to a Steely Dan CD, Can’t Buy a Thrill. What a great album; they never made a bad one.

My boyfriend’s making tacos tonight; he always does them well, and maybe we’ll visit our timeshare tonight, for a dip in the pool and hot tub. Have a nice Monday night, friends.

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