The beautiful boys of Florida’s East Coast ….

evan geiselmanHi, friends and readers:

My boyfriend and I are in Cocoa Beach tonight, Brevard County is Florida’s surfing capital, and we had a fun session at the Pier this afternoon. Nothing remarkable, but we both caught some rides, and the water temperature was perfect.

The great thing about visiting here is the large number of beautiful young men one sees on the beach, and on the streets. To the left you see Evan Geiselman, one of America’s hottest young surfers, who lives a little north of here, in New Smyrna Beach. Look at that smile …  Aye-yi-yi. I wonder where Evan is tonight? Maybe he’d like to join us for dinner? Maybe …. Oh, Martin, quit fantasizing.

cocoa beach boyIt’s breezy and warm here tonight. In a little while, we’ll pick up Chinese takeout from across the highway. We’ll dine in our room while watching a little basketball or hockey on the TV. The hotel gave us an upgrade, and our room’s really nice: to queen beds, a full kitchen, huge TV, and plenty of room for our bikes and surfboards. Who could ask for more?

Tomorrow, our plans for the day will be dictated by surfing conditions. There will be waves, the question is: when? If the surf’s good in the morning, we’ll play golf in the afternoon. If there’s no surf in the morning, we’ll golf early, and then surf in the afternoon. With surfing, nature tells you what to do and when to do it.

Okay, everyone, I will wish you a pleasant Wednesday evening, wherever you might be. If you have a boyfriend, give him a hug and a smooch; it’s important.


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