Three sexy video clips: lover boys getting passionate ….

porkedHi, friends and readers:

There’s noting quite like a hot, sweaty sex session with your boyfriend, is there? For gay men, sex isn’t about procreation. Instead, it’s an expression of love, an emotional release, and sometimes we do it for just plain fun. The guys in today’s video posts seem to be enjoying themselves immensely, don’t they. A-h-h-h, lust ….

porking #3I rose around eight this morning, to take my usual three-mile walk on the beach. Like yesterday, there weren’t many people about. And sadly, I did not see the skinny lad who raked the beach yesterday, down at the grille. But I still enjoyed my walk, and my dip in the Gulf of Mexico afterward.

porking #2In a few hours, my boyfriend and I will load up the Element for a trip to Florida’s Brevard County. We’ll take surfboards, bicycles, and golf clubs, and we’ll stay busy over there for a couple of days. The surf reports say conditions should be decent, and hopefully we won’t have too much rain. We’ll stay in an oceanfront hotel near the Cocoa Beach Pier, where the surf’s usually pretty good.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the video clips I’ve offered you this morning. Hopefully they will inspire you to get frisky with your boyfriend, or to find yourself a boyfriend ASAP. Have a great Wednesday, friends.

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