Sexy boys in ball caps; Martin’s back on the Gulf coast ….

ball cap #4Hi, friends and readers:

Ball caps are especially popular with young men these days, whether they are worn bill-to-the-front or backward, or even partly sideways. Lots of times a guy will wear a ball cap because his hair’s messed up and he doesn’t feel like washing it right away. The ball cap covers up the unruly locks, without detracting from a guy’s beauty.

Have a look at the guy to the left. Doesn’t he look fine in his ball cap? And check out his body. Aye-yi-yi ….How often does he work out at the gym to achieve a build like his? Every day?

We are back from the East Coast, after a couple of brief but satisfying surf sessions, a decent round of golf, and a bit of bike-riding. We dined on good food in local restaurants, and we even enjoyed some quiet time in our hotel room. The hotel pool was nice, too.

ball cap #3Have a look at the photo to the left. At first, it appears to be an amateur shot, but on second look, I am guessing a professional took the photo because the lighting’s nearly perfect.

Outside, it’s actually a nice day, here on our little island: sunny, breezy, and not too warm. My boyfriend’s working and I’m at loose ends, so I am tempted to visit the golf course for a bit of practice on the driving range and the putting green. Heck, why not? Soon, the days will be too hot for golfing in the afternoon, but not today.

Alright, everyone, I hope wherever you are, you’re enjoying your Friday. Just think, for most of us, a three-day weekend is in store. What could be better?

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