Sexy video clip: hot guy in a locker room ….

locker roomHi, friends and readers:

Remember your high school and college locker rooms? Remember the hot guys walking around with only a towel about their waist? Remember showering alongside them? Do you recall the scents of male sweat, moldy sneakers, and unwashed jock straps? A-h-h-h, the good old days …..

locker room #3It’s been an easy day for me. After my boyfriend left for work, I slipped into golfing attire and drove to the course, where I spent nearly two hours. I whacked balls at the driving range, and did pretty well. I practiced pitching and putting; that went well, too. The heat wasn’t too bad because we had a nice breeze blowing.

I’m really glad I went, although my visit to the supermarket, here on our island, was a bit maniacal. Our hotels are full of tourists here for Memorial Day weekend, and they were all at the market, buying food and beer for their holiday celebration.

I’m home now, ready for a quiet evening by myself. I’m feeling a bit tired, after our drive home from Brevard County, and my golf course regimen. I think it’s an early bedtime for Martin tonight. Enjoy your Friday evening, friends.

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