Sexy video clips: poor little Kyler takes a bit of abuse ….

poor skylarHi, friends and readers:

I came across these vignettes from a porn video starring a twink named “Kyler”. That’s him on the left. The plot of the video is fairly simple. Kyler’s sneaking a smoke in the janitor’s closet at his high school, when he’s caught red-handed by the hunky, tattooed janitor, who forces poor Kyler into sexual submission. Hey, at least the janitor doesn’t report Kyler’s miscreant behavior to the Principal. (“Thank the Lord ….”)

poor skylar #2It’s Saturday night, and our community association’s throwing a street party just a few blocks form our home: food and booze vendors, live music, the works. It’s always fun, and all my neighbors will attend. It’s a beautiful night, here on the island. A nice breeze is blowing and the air temperature’s not too warm. The humidity’s low as well, so it’s a perfect night for a street party. If only Kyler could join me …..

Oh, well, you can’t have everything, can you? And maybe the janitor will be there? Have a nice Saturday night, everyone.

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