Sexy boys at the beach; Martin’s hosting a party ….

beach boy #7Hi, friends and readers:

It’s Memorial Day weekend, always a busy time for those of us who dwell in beach communities, and always a time when lots of sexy boys can be found at the shore, strolling around in their boardshorts and looking oh-so-tempting. The weather this weekend is perfect for beachgoing — the high temperature will reach 88 degrees F, the humidity’s low, and a nice breeze is blowing. I plan to walk three miles on the beach later this morning. Look out, boys ….

beach boy #2I have a busy day ahead, actually. I’m hosting friends who will stay in my rental apartment next door. Tonight, we’ll throw a party. I’ll order pizzas from the Italian place down the street. I’ll prepare a Caeser salad with homemade dressing, and the wine will flow. My boyfriend’s due home around six this evening, so he can join in the fun. We’ll all visit the shore to watch sunset, around eight PM. What a great way to celebrate Memorial Day Eve.

Last night’s street festival, here on the island, was really nice. My boyfriend and I attended with a good friend from Tampa. A live band played, and the three of us danced together in the street. Nobody batted an eye when they saw us dance. That’s what I love about this island community. People live as they choose, and no one cares.

Okay, I have much to do, so I will wish all of you a wonderful Sunday. If you live near a beach, put on your boardshorts and get your toes in the sand. The boys are waiting for you.

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