Happy Memorial Day to all my friends ….

flag boy #2Hi, friends and readers:

It’s Memorial Day 2013, and I think it’s important for all of us to take a minute to think about the sacrifices so many men and women have made to defend our country and the freedoms we enjoy. Of course, I have not been a supporter of the Iraq invasion — the whole thing was a huge mistake, in my view — but that does not detract from my respect for the men and women who served there.

Since I live in a very popular beach community, we are experiencing heavy crowds of visitors this weekend, which is fine. My boyfriend and I took a three-mile walk on the shore around eight this morning, which was really nice. But already, people were pitching beach tents and hauling huge coolers down to the water’s edge.

flag boy #3Every year. my neighbors put together a “pot luck” dinner at the beach. Okay, I am lazy; I bought fried chicken at the supermarket yesterday, as my contribution. My neighbors won’t mind, they’re an understanding bunch, plus everyone likes supermarket fried chicken, don’t they?

The party we hosted last night was lots of fun: plenty of beer and wine, tasty pizza from the ristorante down the road, and good company. There were seven of us, and I’m not really sure what time I went to bed, I think around midnight. Thankfully, we cleaned the place up last night, so we didn’t get up to a mess this morning.

Good boy, Martin.

My boyfriend’s at work right now, but he’ll join us at the neighborhood party, after he’s done with work. Wherever you are today, I hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day weekend.

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