Beautiful guys with brown eyes; work’s in store for Martin ….

handsome #4Hi, friends and readers:

Yesterday I feature photos of guys with blond hair, but as mentioned, I have a taste for young men with brown hair and brown eyes; it’s my thing, and today I’m posting two favorite brown/brown photos for your enjoyment Which do you like best?

I just got off the phone form taking with my boyfriend, who is still in NYC, taking in the sights with his dad. He says its not that much cooler in New York than it is in Florida. I guess summer’s here to stay.

Speaking of heat, in just a little while, I must travel to Home Depot to buy cypress mulch. My day laborer did a great job yesterday, but I need to finish up by raking and laying down mulch to give the project a finished look. It’s going to be hot, sweaty work, but it needs done. Oh, boy.

brown eyesHere’s the second photo. I like the lighting and the curious expression on the young man’s face. I don’t think he lives in the States. I am guessing he’s South American. Just look at those dark eyes. Aye-yi-yi.

Other than working on my yard project, I don’t have much planned for my Sunday. I may take as long walk on the beach when my work is done, or I may visit my timeshare down the street for a swim in the pool, after dinner. If there’s a nice sunset tonight, maybe I’ll visit the shore to watch it with my neighbors.

I’m receiving lots of nice comments from people lately, praising my photo posts and my fiction, which always makes me feel good. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by lately. I like the company. And have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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