Something truly cool: Warwick University Rowing Club’s “naked calendar” raises money to prevent bullying of gay kids. Thanks, guys.

warwick rowingHi, friends and readers:

I came across something really cool today. Warwick University, in the U. K., has a very respected rowing club. Besides being quite sexy, the team members are dedicated to their sport. They are also dedicated to promoting good causes, and every year they produce a “naked calender”  depicting team members in their birthday suits. The photo above is a still from a promotional video used to market the calendar. The proceeds from the calendar go to a different charity each year.

This year, the calendar proceeds are donated to a program dedicated to stopping homophobic bullying of young people in the U. K. How cool is that? You can see a short video promoting the calendar here:

The video’s cheeky and pretty sexy. I love the little interviews with team members; they seem like a nice bunch, and most every guy is boyfriend material. Thanks, guys. And how come didn’t attend Warwick University?

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