A pair of sexy video clips: boyfriends getting passionate or just having fun ….

blow job #2Hi, friends and readers:

If you’re lucky like me, your boyfriend isn’t just your lover, he’s your best friend, too. It’s what love and companionship are all about: passion, laughter, doing the mundane activities of life together, traveling together, and, of course, being supportive when one of you is feeling discouraged or down.

boyfriend spinI think both video clips I have posted here tonight capture the essence of love between two men. The top one is oh-so-sexy, and the bottom clip’s just plain fun. What’s a relationship worth if you can’t act silly and laugh?

I picked up my boyfriend at Tampa airport, late this morning. After a quick lunch, I saw my dentist in town (always fun), and then I visited the golf course to hit balls. At the same time, my boyfriend studied for an exam he’ll take next week. Since tonight is his first night home after a week’s vacation up north, we’ll spend our evening at home. I’m grilling chicken over charcoal; it should be good.

Have a nice Tuesday evening, friends.

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