More guys fast asleep; Martin’s hitting the road ….

asleep #21Hi, friends and readers:

Yesterday’s photos of guys sleeping were a big hit, so I thought I would share two more with you this morning, one a color photo, the other black and white. I especially like the one to the left. I wonder who he’s dreaming of?

I’m back from my morning walk on the beach, followed by a dip in the Gulf. We’re experiencing warm, humid weather this week, with overcast skies and frequent rain showers. This is fairly common for June in Florida, and it’s okay, Things stay cooler when the weather’s like this.

For the people with good tase. Gay Teen Studio.This afternoon, after we visit the YMCA, my boyfriend and I will travel north to Gainesville. We’ll pack up the remainder of his possession in his apartment there, and then haul them south tomorrow. This isn’t exactly my idea of fun, but it’s necessary, so we’ll make the best of it. I-75, here we come ….

Okay everyone, I have much to do, in the writing department and otherwise, so I will close this post by wishing everyone a safe and happy Wednesday, wherever you might be.


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