Boyfriends getting intimate; we’re home and tired ….

belly rub #2Hi, friends and readers:

My belly’s not as flat and ripply as my boyfriend, but he’s kind enough to overlook my deficiency. I love stroking his belly: I could tap dance on it. Do you like tonight’s video posts as much as I do? The two couples seem very much in love, don’t they?

boyfriendsOkay, it’s been a rough twenty-four hours. Yesterday, we drove to Gainesville; we packed up all my boyfriend’s paraphernalia. (“Where did it all come from?”) Then, this morning, we rented a 26-foot U-haul. We drove down I-75 in the middle of a raging tropical storm. (“Why me, Lord?”) I mean, I followed my boyfriend while he drove the U-haul, and I could not see the rear of the truck it rained so hard.


We’re home now, ready for a quiet evening on the island, where the storm did minor damage, nothing serious. Have a nice Thursday night, everyone.

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